About me

People like to call me Fred. Other denominations have included exotic, romantic, quixotic…and ‘the French Woody Allen’. What? No idea why. My childhood dream was more about moving to Hollywood to work with Orson Welles. Due to his untimely death, that didn’t work out and I stayed in Paris, keeping my hair long and brown for some more time. Then I moved to NY to study acting and business. I finally made it to Los Angeles last year. Now I know it’s basically a kibbutz for actors. But I still dream about it. The pools and hikes and kale salad.

Trivia stuff: my favorite rock band and movie are both called Deerhunter. Book is The Idiot…like, by far. I’m currently looking for producing partners on upcoming film projects. So it’s the perfect time to get in touch.  In fact, this is my most stable address at the moment: fnahmani at gmail.com.